Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi All,

I write this blog regarding a website which I used in last 6 months and I recommend many of friends to used this website. You should know about the specialty of this website and name of the website. Me and my friends are very happy with the website. The name of this website is and it's used to get free recharge any service provider in India. How it's possible ? Very Simple, just register your email and ph no on and verified the email and ph no as per instructions. Each day login you will get 0.10 paisa and 10 days successful login (without any activity)  you get 0.50 paisa bonus,  20 days successful login (without any activity)  you get 1.50 paisa bonus and 30 days successful login (without any activity)  you get 2.50 paisa bonus. It's just awesome!! Also have assured money each day for 1.50 rupees for 3 simple contest and you got this "Home" menu. Also, "special offer". "quize" and many more offer have give you 10 rupees on each day from "Fill Wallet" Menu. You have also earn 1 rupees for each recommend fronds and also have the royality owner to get full money. After earn 10 rupees on your account, you will go "My Wallet" menu and get recharge  you mobile with required money. It's o simple and FAST. You will notified via email as well as you mobile

So hurry up, to get register and receive free recharge on any mobile in India.

  All the Best :)